Saturday, January 17, 2009

I am AWESOME at handling criticism

Not really. Actually, i suck at handling criticism. i got a good dose of it at work this week from my boss. but it wasn't one of those 'close the door and sit down' settings where he just rips me a new one - it was passive, sarcastic comments - something that i can't stand; almost as much as being criticized! I would rather have you just tell me to my face what the problem is. it drives me crazy when people obviously have an issue with something, but don't confront the issue. they just let their tone, their attitudes, their non verbal language do the talking, but never bring it up until it finally leads to a huge explosion. (sorry for my rant...).

My reality has been to always answer my critics and be defensive, probably because i think that i am never wrong (another issue that God keeps knocking me over the head with). because of the incident this last week, i spent some time stewing, trying to come up with my last chance say-all farewell speach that told my boss what i thought of him and how he doesn't know what he's talking about. then i started thinking about how i was going to explain to my family that Daddy just lost his job because he can't handle criticism and choked out his boss.

Your boss, your spose, your neighbor and many others offer criticism - some rightfully so, some not. But they are not the only ones that offer criticism. God has a way of criticizing, too. And when He brings something to your attention, there's not much room for honest discussion; He's right, and you're wrong.

The week before, i had finished a chapter in Craig Groeschel's book "Confessions of a Pastor", which just so happened to deal with handling criticism. In the book, Craig provides insight on when you should listen, answer, dismiss, or endure the criticism. I can't thank God enough for leading me to read this information when He did. I am still struggling with criticism, but know i am able to recognize my failures here, and am better equipped to respond in a better way.

do you struggle with criticism? are you defensive? What does God say about how you handle your criticism?


Brad Gray said...

This took your boss for you to realize this? Maybe it's part of being a Gray. I'm not good at being criticized either and frankly, I'm much better at doing the criticizing. That's something that I have my own battle with.

graynation said...

Being a Gray is probably not the issue... It is more deeply rooted in a pride issue. "How dare you tell me I'm in the wrong?" Proverbs 15:31-32 has something to say about criticism. So does Lord Jesus in Luke 6:41-42.