Thursday, July 22, 2010

Simple? Yes. Easy? No.

Seems like the greatest works of God happen through people when they surrender to what God is doing in their life. Difficult circumstances, hurt, pain- Too often we want to fight the consequences of these things, but often these are the very things that God uses in our lives to bring about the greatest good in our growth as followers of Christ.

It is also in our obedience to His teachings revealed in the bible that God moves the greatest in our lives and in those around us.

Among others, we are called to love God, to love others, to forgive, to tithe, to look after widows and orphans, to show compassion for those in need, to submit to our authorities, to look past an offense, to be prepared to give the reason for the hope we have, and to do so with gentleness and respect.

Its amazing to me how resistant we can be to obeying such simple commands- simple, yes. Easy, no. It is only then when we do these things and truly trust God with the results, that we can begin to see God's faithfulness as He works out His sanctification in our lives through our obedience to His word.
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Buffy said...

Well said, Chris. Living a life for Christ is never easy, but it is most certainly not complicated. We were given an instruction manual! Thank you for sharing!

E.Gray said...

I agree babe, sounds like it is simple but we can be so consumed in our own choices and obstacles that we dont stop and take the time to see what God is trying to show us. Love your thoughts honey!