Thursday, June 20, 2013

I see lost people

Listening to a message on Luke 15 about  the lost coin and the prodigal son, a very keen observation was made by the speaker: 

lost things don't know that they are lost; lost people don't know their lost. 

While the prodigal son parable is very much about the lost son who ran away and came home to the compassionate father, it is also very much about the outwardly obedient son who stayed home, yet who was inwardly lost. The younger son saw his sin and repented both inwardly and outwardly. And the father showed compassion on his lost son and received him, for the son knew he had sinned but also knew that the father was gracious to forgive those who repent.  The older son, though he did all the right things outwardly, was blind to his own sin and his equal need for the Father's compassion. 

The link above has a clip from the movie The Sixth Sense. It is one of the most sobering scenes I have ever seen. Dead people don't know they're dead. Lost people don't know they're lost. And if lost people don't know they are lost, they will most assuredly not seek to be found. 

Follower of Jesus: God is light, and he placed his light in you, not to be hidden, but to be shared wherever He has placed you. We are ambassadors for Christ, 24/7, 365 days a year, for as many days that God gives us. 

There are literally millions upon millions of people, who though they are physically alive today, are spiritually dead and don't even know it. The Father loves the lost, and will do whatever is necessary to find that which is lost. And we who have been reborn also have the will and compassion of the Father in our hearts. 

Let us eagerly and diligently do all that we can to seek the lost, and let us also persist in prayer for the lost to see their lostness, so that we can point them to the Father who not only found us, but also wants to find them.  

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